Ciara's "Ride" is too sexy for TV

Ciara's Skittles get censored by Skittles | created by J ;P
Ciara's music video for "Ride" came under fire from BET for being too risqué. But now UK music video channels are saying so too. Apparently Ciara was showing too much of the goodies.

I don't think the video was that bad myself. Ciara's skittle smuggling on the bull might have pushed it a little. Okay, a whole lot! Them nipples were so visible that Ciara might as well have been topless. But the dancing and the moves were no more sexy than what we've seen before in the likes of "Promise" and "Love Sex Mgaic" - both of which I thought were sexier videos. Beyoncé was slapping her booty, squatting with her legs open, p***y poppin', grinding down to the floor and had chicks either side of her do the splits in leotards; and weren't nobody trying to call for that video to be censored. Probably because networks knew Mathew Knowles would assassinate anybody who try throws spikes in the road of Beyoncé's career. Plus, there is no music channel who would even dare to not air a Beyoncé music video when that chick is a worldwide bonafide pop star.

It's no biggie though. The video can easily be re-edited. That video looked like it cost near nothing and was done in one take anyway. So it'd probably be easier Ciara to just shoot another one. Give a chick a New era cap with frizzed out hair stuck to the inside of it, a chair, some leggings, a pair of Adidas conductor hi-tops and she's good to go!


  1. *goes searching for video*

  2. O_O

    Ciara almost knocked me down with that video!



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