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Crystal Kay 'Flash' promo shot
A brand new shot of Crystal for her Flash album. As always, bitch looks flawless. I'm glad the hair is dark again, because I was not feeling that fried out ginger mess she rolled with for her Best releases. The Flash album cover will feature this very same image, except with Crystal looking away from the camera. When high resolution versions are available, it goes without saying that I'll post them for you fellow CK fans.

Crystal is set to shoot the video for "Flash" this weekend, so we should get to see it by the end of May, and of course: hear the song in full. I'm not expecting much from the video. Crystal's PV's always French kiss balls. Crystal's been working on choreography, but if somebodies life depended on Crystal's dancing, they'd be dead before the 1, 2. Chick cannot dance for doo-doo.

I hate how Crystal's people take so long with shit. "Flash" was featuring in a commercial 3 months ago, and we're still waiting to hear the song in full and see a video. It was the same story with "One". A snippet of the song got dropped in a Pokémon trailer and had fans excited. Then by the time the song came out, it was no big deal and the whole thing felt old. I still stan for "One" - it was a great song. But I could have done with hearing it in full and seeing a video months earlier.

You watch what happens when "Flash" has its video touch down - fans will check for it and then not care 10 minutes later. And we all know this album will fall out of the Oricon charts by July. Sony need to start acting right. But if they're not acting right after 10 years, then it's unlikely they'll change now. They seem to be content with lukewarm album sales and ignoring potential overseas markets. It's a damn shame how "Hold on" got shitted on, because the song sounded amazing.

The low down: A snippet of the song... | Flash tracklist and more...


  1. Holy hell that's a hot picture! O_O

  2. As always she looks absolutely stunning. I love this photo. I also love how her photos never look fake or over photo shopped like some ppl.

  3. *cough*AyumiHamasaki*cough* Yeah, I agree. I'm not feeling the hair. But love how rich her complexion looks. Makes a nice change from those washed out The best of Crystal Kay shots that had her look ill.

  4. The whole thing is so cool, it's good that they didn't white-wash her like they usually do and her skin looks flawless.
    I like the hair too it looks crazy but in a good way lol
    I actually liked the best of ck pictures, yeah they were too bleached out but she looked really pretty.
    I'm so pissed with how this album (i use the term loosely) has been handled i mean wtf?! it's been two years since "colour change" now we need a FULL ALBUM.

  5. I just hate that Crystal be shitting on chicks in Japan with the J-R&B game, but gets no shine; and has her releases fall out of the charts faster than somebody physically throwing it out.

    I also think it's a mess that after a Best album, and a remix album, we're now getting a mini album. Like I said in a previous post: if this was a chick signed to Avex - we'd have a full length album. Shoot, we would have got a full length with the Best album. Look at Kumi with Universe and BoA with Best & USA!

  6. that is so true, how many albums is she signed to them for?!?
    if i were her i'd jump ship and head for Avex at the earliest opportunity lol
    I know she's been with her label since she was like 13 but she needs to think of her career, they obviously arn't pushing her music so she should find somebody who will -_-

  7. The catch is though; is that on Avex she might be worse off because of huge names such as Kumi Koda and Ayumi. And then other big sellers such as Namie Amuro and BoA.

    I guess what's keeping Crystal at Sony is the security and also loyalty. She doesn't sell massively, but sells enough for Sony to keep her signed and keep herself with stacks of yen. She probably see's no reason to leave, which is fair enough. Why would she?

    I don't think she should leave Sony and go to Avex, because she clearly has it 'good enough' at Sony. But she needs to have it 'better' at Sony.

    It's just a Sony thing in general I guess. Because MiChi gets done the same. "All about the Girls ~Iijyanka party people~" (for me personally) is one of the best pop songs to drop this year so far. Shit should have BLOWN UP and gotten a fly video. But Sony did that song so wrong...

  8. To me Avex puts out stuff like an assembly line. Even Ayu was complaining a couple of years ago that she was being treated like a product and not a person. I don't think Crystal would have the same quality of material that she puts out at Sony. One thing I'll will say in their favor is that the production values are high, I don't feel Sony scrimps on the quality of the music. To me her music sounds lush and full, not stripped down as if only half of the musicians showed up.


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