Crystal Kay's official Flash album covers

Crystal Kay - Flash [CD + DVD] | Album cover Crystal Kay - Flash [CD] | Album cover
The more I look at these, the more I like them. Crystal's skin and hair has not looked this rich and velvet since Call me miss..., where she looked buh-lack and way older than she was at the time.

Color change!'s cover had her look washed out and boring (although the inlay shots were hot as hell). And The best release had Crystal look fly, but she looked too whited out, and that ginger hair mess did her no favours.

Despite being a mini album, Flash will still release in 2 versions: Limited and regular. The limited edition features a DVD featuring a live performance of "Girlfriend" with BoA. The performance is from her live 10th anniversary gig at NHK hall - the very same gig which was recorded for her first Live DVD: Crystal Kay live in NHK hall: 10th anniversary tour CK10. Most of her fans will probably pick up her Live DVD on the very same Flash releases anyway. But for those who don't, the performance of the limited edition of Flash should help push them into picking it up. Because whilst Crystal isn't the most energetic performer; her live vocal game is strong, she always looks hot, and she has a killer back catalogue of songs.

I think it's a shame they didn't include the "Flash" and "After love -First boyfriend-" videos too, just to pad out the DVD. Because I won't be spending extra money on the limied edition for a DVD which has one performance on it. But given we've had Crystal drop a Best album, a remix album, and that she has this mini album and a Live tour DVD on the way; Sony may release a DVD / Blu-ray full of her music videos at some point. The best clips of Crystal Kay or something. Not that I'd buy it. I think Crystal Kay's music videos are terrible. But I'm sure some would.


  1. I'm buying every thing ^_^ I can't wait lol. Your my girl CK.

  2. If I had a PlayStation 3, I'd cop that Blu-ray of her Live anniversary tour *lol*


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