Crystal Kay's TV special in Spain

TV: Crystal Kay in Spain
I saw the Spain holiday snaps Crystal had taken on her blog, but had no idea it was part of a TV special!

I've been to Spain. But it was a shit holiday. I went with my Dad, and it was just shit. We didn't speak for half the holiday, and we didn't go further than a mile from where we were staying - which was nothing but sand, people sizzling like bacon in the sun and shitty little clubs. I did not get to experience Spain fully. If I were to go back, I'd definitely branch out more and sightsee how Crystal did. I envy Crystal, really I do. She got to see some amazing sights.

Check out her amazing holiday after the jump.

If I'd been there in that club with Crystal, I would have made her get low as hell and make her feel it in her back. Me and her would have been like a pestle and mortar: nothing but grinding.

I love that Crystal sang. I cringed a little when she sang in the restaurant, because nobody at that table looked like they gave a shit. But when she started singing "Kitto eien ni" in the Cathedral, I was so into it I was hoping she'd do the whole thing and that an orchestra would zip line through a stain glass window and back her.

As a fan, I hate how these videos of CK are so damn undercover. When other J-artists head to other countries, the videos are all up on YouTube. And sometimes they'll even release a DVD chronicling their holiday, along with a photobook. When Ayumi Hamasaki was in London, there was no shortage of videos on YouTube. There were videos of her doing everything in London but taking a shit.

Crystal's people need to start acting right. I'm happy for Crystal that she's spent 10 years in the game, but I don't feel she's accomplished what she should have in those 10 years as a result of Epic records and Crystal's management not doing their part. Crystal needs to be worked how them bitches do at AvexTrax. A double A-side single a month, an album and a tour DVD a year and magazine spreads on a weekly basis.


  1. A special, that's exciting. It seems she's been getting the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities of late. I think if she's going to move beyond Japan, Europe is probably a better step than America. I do agree that her label has short changed her. It's almost as if they don't feel she's worth the effort. One concert dvd in ten years, come on. Angela Aki who I think is very good also has had two concert dvd's at least. I don't get how Epic makes their decisions.

  2. Neither do I Beruda, neither do I. As a fan it's frustrating. Because her music is better than most of what ends up lingering in the Oricon top 10 for weeks. And when you see the type of promotion other chicks get when they have a single or album out in comparison to Crystal - it's like nobody can be bothered to give a chick a schedule. Just look at "Girlfriend". That song was HOT, and perfect for the Summer. It should have had a music video and everything. But nope. Instead we got 1 performance of the song and that was it.


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