Dawn hustles her Danity Kane comics

For those who don't know: Diddy's ho (not Cassie, the other one) Dawn Richard draws manga style comics. The group she debuted in was named after a character she created by the name of 'Danity Kane'. (Ta-daaaah!) Despite the group being ripped to shit by P. Diddy, and Dawn now riding the Dirty money train, she's still working on her comics. I think it's a good look. The comic looks really good! Dawn has a great talent aside from being able to sing (and do whatever she did to Diddy for him to keep her on the Bad boy pay roll).

Dawn should push the Manga angle to the maximum as something to fall back on. Because I can't see Dirty money lasting any substantial amount of time. Diddy will soon get tired of that shit and leave Dawn and that other chick by the way side. It's how he rolls.

I still can't believe Diddy went and disbanded a perfectly good group such as Danity Kane. Their second studio album Welcome to the dollhouse was pretty decent. I still listen to "Strip tease" and "Sucka for love", and shake my head in disappointment at them not being singles.

Give it a read: Welcome to the dollhouse album review


  1. this is so great. imma start back on my manga. reading that is. cant draw for nothing.


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