The Forehead does her thing @ Radio 1's big weekend

Rihanna at Radio 1's big weekend | Live performance
The Forehead hit up Wales for Radio 1's big weekend, where she gave a pretty decent gig which ran through several of her hits: old, recent and forthcoming. "Rockstar 101" was sadly absent. But the hits that matter were all in place, along with a debut UK performance of her forthcoming single "Te amo".

"Hard" & "Disturbia"

I loved "Hard". I think it was pretty unanimous amongst RiRi lovers 'n haters that "Hard" should have been the lead single from Rated R. It was everything she needed from a lead single at that time. It's a shame it didn't blow up how it should have, and that Def Jam (once again) made such an erroneous decision with the singles and the timing. The Forehead's live performance of it wasn't great, but it was good enough. I give props to the chick for still performing "Disturbia" like it ain't a damn thing; given the song is writing on the wall with what happened between her and Chris 'Take you down' Brown, and that he wrote the song and contributed vocals to it.

"Rude boy" & "Te amo"

I always like watching The Forehead perform "Rude boy" because of how she whines up herself at the start of every performance. I wouldn't be mad at a bitch if she threw her microphone on the floor walked over to the TV set at the right hand side of the stage and just whined and p***y popped for four straight minutes. She sounded good on "Te amo", but the choreography left a lot to be desired. The Forehead should have been whinin' up on some girl as she sang it. Instead, all she did was flick her road runner quiff about the place and drop vocals that I can only describe as a Kangaroo in labour.

"Russian roulette" & "Don't stop the music"

I can't believe the crowd went so mad when "Russian roulette" started up. Where were they when that shit was stalling at 17 on the charts!? I hate when The Forehead performs this song, because her vocals go right through me. You can see my ♪ haaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt beeaghteeeeeeeeeeeeeeng ♪ I'd rather she omitted "Russian roulette" from her sets than have my ears bleed listening to her push for notes she struggles to sing outside of a studio. "Don't stop the music" is a song I'm always down with. It continues to be one of my favourite Forehead songs, and she did a pretty alright job of it live.

"S.O.S" & "Umbrella"

"SOS" sounded a mess, and so did "Umbrella". The Forehead looked like she was about to collapse. But when you've got a hit song like "Umbrella" under your belt; you don't even need to be on your A-game. Why? Because the crowd will get so caught up in the song and sing it line for line, word for word - that nothing else will matter. Only picky bastards like me will notice how weak the performance was.

Overall, The Forehead did a good job. Her vocals were all over the place, and there were times she was walking around the stage like she wasn't sure what to do with herself. But she was engaged with the audience and seemed to have them in the palm of her hand the whole time she was on the stage.

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  1. I would never pay money to see her.

  2. I second the above statement a year and a half later. lol What a massive crown she has. :)


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