The 'honest to God official' Bionic tracklist and album info...

Christina Aguilera's 'Bionic' tracklist & info
We had a few track lists float around over the past couple of weeks, but we now have a 100% official tracklist for Christina Aguilera's Bionic album. Along with details of a world tour and the release of a super duper fan edition of Bionic that fans will probably leak over.

Bionic will release in 2 formats: A standard edition and a Deluxe edition. This seems to be a trend with with Sony BMG releases these days. I think it's pretty cool. Labels seem to be taking leaves out of Japan's book, as J-music lovers know; albums have been releasing in standard and deluxe editions for years over there. The standard edition of Bionic has a good number of tracks as it is, but the deluxe version will feature an additional 5. We know how Christina rolls. Bitch don't give less than 15 tracks an album.

Standard edition
  1. Bionic
  2. Not myself tonight
  3. Woohoo
  4. Elastic love
  5. Desnudate
  6. Love & Glamour
  7. Glam
  8. Prima Donna
  9. Morning dessert (Intro)
  10. Sex for breakfast
  11. Lift me up
  12. My heart (Intro)
  13. All I need
  14. I am
  15. You lost me
  16. I hate boys
  17. My girls (featuring Peaches)
  18. Vanity
Additional tracks for the Deluxe edition
  1. Monday morning
  2. Bobblehead
  3. Birds of prey
  4. Stronger than ever
  5. I am (Stripped)

So after questions as to whether "Woohoo" would appear on the album, it's confirmed it will. As obvious as it is as to why "Not myself tonight" was made a lead single, I still wonder why "Woohoo" wasn't chosen instead. The general response for the song seems to be really positive, with the general consensus being that many prefer it to "Not myself tonight". I've had the song on repeat since it leaked. The beat knocks hard, and how could you not love Nicki Minaj's rap! It has me laughing everytime I hear it. It's such a hot song. I really do hope radio and clubs will pick it up, because it shits on "Not myself tonight".

I'm wondering what the track with Peaches is going to sound like, because that chicks' songs are FILTHY! It's filth with a bounce though. I use to bump "Downtown" and "Tent in your pants" in the whip because they had fly ass beats.

For the credit heads like myself, there are still no full disclosed details of song writers and producers as I post this. But I can tell you that (and this is confirmed)...
  • The awesome Claude Kelly (BeyoncĂ©'s "Halo", Britney's "Circus") co-wrote the songs "Desnudate", "Glam" and "Vanity".
  • Polow affiliated songwriter Ester Dean co-wrote "Not myself tonight" and "Woohoo" with Claude Kelly
  • Australian pop singer Sia co-wrote "All I need", "I am" and "You lost me".
  • Linda Perry wrote and produced "Lift me up".
  • Tricky Stewart produced "Glam" (which was oriignally due to be Bionic's lead single)
  • And Polow Da Don (Fergie's "Glamorous", Usher's "Love in this club") produced "Not myself tonight" and "Woohoo". Both of which sound like Danja rip-off's.
The fan edition of 'Bionic'A limited fan edition of the album will also be available. It's available exclusive via Christina official merchandise store. Although you can bet these will end up on eBay with the quickness. It is available for $49.99 (£34.01) and it contains...
  • 12" x 12" custom designed box
  • Bionic on triple vinyl (I bet the album art looks bad ass blown up on a vinyl sleeve!)
  • The CD deluxe edition of Bionic
  • 2 exclusive Bionic themed collector photos styled by D*FACE: the artist responsible for the awesome Bionic album cover art.
  • A limited edition for the first 5,000 fans who hurry up and buy!
Those who pick this fan edition up will also gain access to pre-sale tickets of Christina's upcoming world tour.

Christina clearly is not playing around with this album. I wasn't looking all that forward to it at the start, but I can't wait to hear it now.


  1. OMG!!!! i cannot wait for this *deep breaths* i'm definately getting the delux edition, 23 song! O_O awsome! ^_^
    the fan edition looks so cool too but unfortunately i'm a semi broke student so i'm not paying £35 lmao (plus i cant even play vinyls =S).
    And yeah i agree with you that sony are finally catching on to the Japanese way of putting cd's out i just wish we'd get a few music videos on the delux edition like you get from Kumi & Ayu.


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