Hyori performs "Chitty chitty bang bang"...again!

Live performance: Hyori performs 'Chitty chitty bang bang'...again!
Another eye roll worthy performance from Hyori for her single "Shitty shitty bang bang". I do not care what anybody says: Hyori's live game is not strong. She looks hot without trying. So hot in fact I wonder how she manages it. And she can flick her hair with the best of 'em. But her performances just aren't captivating.

"Chitty chitty bang bang" couldn't be a more appropriate title for this song, because shit is clapped out like an old car. I hated this song from when I first heard it, but I hate it even more now. Hyori's performances are just weak. All the stylin' in the world can't mask it.

I hope she starts performing a new song soon. Because "Chitty chitty bang bang" is easily one of the weakest songs on H-logic, even if it is one of the few that wasn't plagiarized.


  1. I'm not even gonna watch this, i'm so tired of this song already and her same old same old performances of it.
    I could listen to "swing" all day lone but not this.


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