Is Alicia Keys pregnant?

Is Alicia Keys pregnant?
Alicia performed at Radio 1's big weekend event in Wales. And when she stepped out in a strappy black number, gums started to flap about Alicia being pregnant.

What do I think? I'm not so sure. There's nothing about the pictures I've seen that makes me think she's definitely pregnant. For all we know she's just been eating real good. Alicia's never been stick thin and her weight has always fluctuated. I'm sure we'll all find out in time whether she is or she isn't.

In further Alicia news, word is that she might re-release her album The element of freedom in a special EP form. There is a tentative track list for it floating around. And whilst it's not been confirmed by anybody in Alicia's camp, I'll post it for you anyway.

  1. Bitch is blind
  2. Mashonda doesn't mean anything
  3. Let that bitch sleep with a broken heart
  4. That's how strong my cheat game is
  5. Un-thinkable (I'm ready to cheat on a bitch)
  6. Her bed
  7. Cheating state of mind (That marriage is broken down)

A VERY pregnant Alicia Keys performs at Radio 1’s big weekend @ Toya's world


  1. Lmaaaooooo!

    You're too much J!

  2. Just saw on yahoo that she IS pregnant!

    You were right.


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