Janelle Monáe shuts it down on Letterman

Janelle Monáe shuts it down on Letterman | Live performance
Janelle Monáe gave her first major TV performance of her song "Tightrope" on none other than David Letterman. And, well. I'll just let you watch it and let the performance speak for itself...

Class...of...her...OWN! I wasn't hot on "Tightrope" when I first heard it. I liked it, but I just didn't love it. But this performance of it had me tippin' on the tight rope like my life depended on it. And I sure do love it now. Janelle shut it the f**k down. If this performance didn't have people rushing out to support that album, I don't know what a chick is going to have to do. Possibly rock a straight weave, a minuscule bikini and p**y pop. But Janelle don't roll that, and why should she?

If you're in the US and you've not yet copped Janelle's album, be sure to. It's a winner. And for the European fans, remember: The ArchAndroid releases across Europe on July 12.

Read all about it: The ArchAndroid: Suites II and III album review


  1. I can't imagine Janelle not blowing up huge in the US or anywhere else. She's really got talent unlike the vast majority of young singers out there today. And her stage presence is off the hook (do ppl still say that ^_^). And she is obviously enjoying herself. So many singers today get wrapped up in the presentation that you don't get a sense that they enjoy what they're doing.

  2. I'll tell you why Janelle probably won't sell a lot of records here: people have f**kin' horrible taste in music! I know iTunes definitely isn't the end all be all of music sales, but even a few days after this AMAZING performance, "Tightrope" aint nowhere in the top 200. Instead we got some bullshit Miley Cyrus song at #1. And her album has barely cracked the top ten @ #9. Maybe she needs more promotion, but I just know Janelle aint gonna get the sales she deserves.

    Who knows, maybe the majority of Janelle fans aren't digital spenders. I know I'm getting the hard copy, so maybe I'm jumping the gun. But still, I already know Janelle probably won't blow up like she should. I wish she could perform on one of the remaining American Idol results shows. That's a huge audience, and it would surly show off her huge talent to a lot of people who probably have never even heard of her.

  3. i love her, but she's not going anywhere. it's just not going to work. and usually you'd know that just by seeing diddy come out at the end. that n***a may as well change his name to doom. but in this case, it's not even his fault. janelle's got too much talent for even diddy to hold down. but the fact of the matter remains that quality shit like this just doesn't sell. and it's really a shame.

  4. Agreeance.

    And I was just on Metacritic, and her album has an average rating of 94! :O I haven't seen an album rated that high on Metacritic in a LONG time!

  5. Like I said before: Janelle's debut would play out the same as Kid Cudi's...

    - Conceptually sound.
    - Shits loads of creativity
    - Too tight for a debut album. Almost too much
    - Classic.
    - Puts peers and some game mainstayers to absolute shame.
    - Will not push those major units commercially, even though it more than deserves to.

    The ArchAndroid is a beast of an album. I feel to go knock 3 points off of bitches albums I've reviewed in the past because of it! *lol*

    I know I'm going to have to search high and low for this album when it releases in the UK, just as I had to go on a goose chase for Kid Cudi's. My friend and I had to tag team to find that album.

  6. Speaking of goose chase, I'm gonna have to go out again later to get the album because, get this: Target, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart were all SOLD OUT of it. Maybe they didn't have that many copies to begin with, or maybe I underestimated the power of The ArchAndroid.

  7. I just bought it at the Best Buy across town.

    The dude ringing me up was looking over the CD case hard, front and back. I wasn't sure if he was going to give me the CD because of how he was staring at it.

    I'm though the first 8 tracks, and so far...this shit is BOMB! Though all of them are gems so far, I gotta say "Cold War" is an experience. That shit is a classic! Can't wait to get through the whole thing.

  8. I'm...blown away. That album was, I don't even know. I felt like I wasn't even listening to an album. It felt like something else. I didn't want it to end. At 18 tracks, I didn't want that album to end. Was every single song perfect? No. But that's not the point. Everything felt like it should be there. Even my least favorite track, "Mushrooms and Roses", felt like it should be there. (You'd need to be on shrooms to fully enjoy that track, lol).

    You could tell this thing was a labor of love. "BabopbyeYa". What a hell of a way to end this album. That shit transported me somewhere else. I could go on and on about different tracks, and all the ways this album was a masterpiece, but I'll save that for the review. I need to give this more listens.

  9. Well, you saw my review and know how I feel.

    Lots of highlights. But "Faster", "Locked inside", "Sir Greendown" and "57821" are the tracks I play to death.

    Janelle shut it [puts on Darth Vader voice] down! I'm not even try'na hear other bitches albums right now.

  10. I just wrote my long winded ass review of the album. I'm telling ya, "BabopbyeYa" does things to me. One of the most brilliant pieces of music I've heard in a long while.


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