Janelle slays hoes on Ellen

Janelle slays hoes on Ellen with 'Tightrope' | Live performance
Janelle took herself to Ellen to treat those to how the ArchAndroid herself does her thing. P. Diddy rather sweetly appeared to introduce her and get the crowd going during her encore. He's obviously realizing how Janelle has the potential to make Bad boy some dollar. Ya'll better shuddup!

What can I say that I haven't said already. Janelle shut this performance down. It wasn't explosive as her Letterman performance, but it was still an great showcase of her talents and that this chick is the real deal.

A sick part of me was laughing at the thought of Janelle slippin' and busting her head on that laminate floor when she stepped forward to tightrope it out.


  1. Album sales are down, so her sales weren't that awful in her first week. But she only sold 17,000+ in her first week over here. -_-

    I hate you America.

  2. Oh and...

    LMAO @ Ellen doing the dance at the end.

  3. Ellen did that shit better than me. I have terrible balance. I fell down the last time I tried to do the tightrope. It hurt. It really hurt.

  4. You should upload a video of you doing the tightrope. :D


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