Janelle's 2007 performance of "Locked inside"

Janelle's 2007 live performance of 'Locked inside' | Live performance
I only came across this today. It's a performance of "Locked inside" that Janelle gave back in 2007. The performance is an alternative version of the album version, as it features a rap from the ArchAndroid herself. Definitely worth checking out. Anything regarding Janelle slaying bitches live on stage is worth checking out.

If Janelle had sung "I need you tonight" in my face like she did to that guy at the 3:10 mark, I think I would have melted. Even though Janelle isn't trying to tow the sexy line in the glaringly obvious way that some of her peers are, I still find her really sexy. Talent is what I always find really sexy, and Janelle has in truck loads. Plus, she's bloody stunning as well. She looks beautiful on The ArchAndroid album cover, and the look she pulling on the "Tightrope" cover is just pure sex.

Janelle's live game is strong, and she did "Locked inside" nothing but justice. It's one of my many faves on The ArchAndroid. It's like the best of Michael Jackson and Steve Wonder all chucked into one song. I don't think anybody has channelled Stevie and Michael in one song, yet had themselves as an artist come across strongly in the midst as perfectly as Janelle does on "Locked inside". I think it'd make a great single if released at the right time.

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