J's fave | Album highlight: Perfume - Polyrhythm

Album highlight: Perfume - Polyrhythm
"Polyrhythm" is one of my favourite Perfume songs. The music is crack and it was this song that had me check for Perfume, and also cement (for me personally) that Nakata is an absolute beast when it comes to producing. The dude has electro pop and auto-tune locked down! Britney needs to holla. I feel the need to refer to these girls as the princesses of J-auto-tuned electro pop. They earned the title with this song right here.

Listen: Polyrhythm

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Back when I used to run, I used to have this on my iPod on repeat. It always managed to give me energy. It resulted in me bopping my head and doing stupid 2-steps and booty shakes mid jog; but it always kept me going. Even when I felt like I was going to collapse in a heap in the middle of some road.

This is the perfect song for the summer. The whole damn song encapsulates a good day for me. I just love it. A feel good electro pop anthem for sure.

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  1. AGH! i love perfume so much lol >_< perfume, Kumi, Utada and Crystal Kay are the reasons i got into j-pop!
    I used to play this all the time in high school! (cant believe it was that long ago! :P) all my friends thought i was crazy lol ^_^


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