Katy Perry screams her way through "California gurls"

Live performance: Katy Perry screams her way through 'California gurls'
Katy Perry performed her it's already a hit single "California gurls" at an event thrown by The CW network at Madison square gardens. She looked a sequinned mess, and sounded one too. The crowd having about as much life as a stuffed animal didn't help matters neither.

I couldn't watch / listen to the whole of this performance, because Katy's vocals were such a mess. They were making my ears ring. Foxes f**king in bushes make nicer sounds than Katy does when she's on stage with a microphone.

I've never liked Katy Perry's live performances, because she always sounds terrible. She needs to get on her knees and thank the higher being for auto-tune. And that her primary producers Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco know how to put so many effects on her vocals that she sounds half-way decent on studio recordings of songs.