Katy Perry's official "California gurls" single art

Single art: Katy Perry - California gurls
This looks like some kid drank a pitcher of Kool aid, downed a family pack of Skittles, chewed up a photo of Amber Rose and then threw up all over Katy Perry on a beach - but I like it! It has a very cheesy 80's vinyl sleeve vibe to it, which ties in well with the stanky 70's / 80's vibe of the song.

If Katy delivers with a really colourful and fun music video, and manages to rope Snoop Dogg in for the shoot - then she'll have a Summer hit on her hands with "California gurls" easily. It doesn't have that insta-catchiness of "I kissed a girl", "Hot 'n cold" or "Waking up in Vegas". But as a song and a personal preference, I prefer "California gurls" ten fold.

There is a a big chance of Urban radio adding this to their playlists because of the funk vibe and of course; the inclusion of Snoop Dogg - which will help broaden the audience of this song in a big way. Urban radio bump Ke$ha and Lady Gaga in the UK. So there's no reason for them not to bump this.


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