Kelis covers La Roux's "In for the kill" @ Radio 1's live lounge

Live performance: Kelis covers LaRoux's 'In for the kill' @ Radio 1's live lounge
Kelis did a Live lounge session where she covered La Roux's hit single "In for the kill". I can' say I'm feeling her current style with the super long weaves, over accessorizing and the ring through her nose. She looked like Prince Akeem's Queen to be.

4 years ago Kelis would have sung this shit in its original key and trashed her curly ass hair around like a crazy bitch. But times have obviously changed. This rendition was completely toned down from the original and taken down a key, but I loved the result. Kelis' tone added a nice layer to the song, because let's be honest: as cool as the original was, there was a point when Elly's voice did annoy you.

I heard Kelis' Flesh tone album last night. I was not impressed. It sounds like a really bad gay club mixtape. I miss the old Kelis. I bought her first 3 albums, and they were all good listens. Wanderland in particular was a hot album.


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