Kelly Rowland's official "Commander" single art

Official single art: Kelly Rowland - Commander
I've love to know how many bitches got scalped to make that wig. Many hate Kelly's gargantuan poodle head hair, but I love it. When Destiny's child came back with Destiny fulfilled, I was all about Kelly with the big hair. It was a nice change from the short do she'd always sported, and it really suited her. At least I think it did.

The "Commander" single cover is really nice. Very old skool. Very Diana Ross. Given the name of the song, the obvious choice of cover would have been for Kelly to rock some military style attire, but I'm sure she'll save that all for the music video. I don't see why we had to have featuring David Guetta stamped onto the cover though. He produced the song, it's not like he's rapping on it. Is the man not content with having his name in the production credits?

"Commander" grows on me by the second. the more I hear it, the more I'm sure that she'll have a hit on her hands with it. The Kelly love is already sweeping.


  1. I'm a fan of the friz! She looks hot!

  2. Donkey from Shrek: "I like that hat. That is a nice hat."

  3. i prefer her with straight hair. those looked like pubes.

  4. I think her hair looks really cool, it suits her a lot and when she does it for some reason it looks a lot more classy than when Beyonce does it :P
    When she does the video i hope she wears that black catsuit thing she wore when she was performing it because that was a HOT outfit.


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