Kelly's debut performance of "Commander"

Live performance: Kelly's debut performance of 'Commander'
Kelly performed "Commander" back in March at David Guetta's F**k me I'm famous party in Miami. There were shaky ass cam's of the performance on YouTube, but in lieu of the song impacting the Internets; we have an official release of the performance in it's entirely. Kelly mimed, but she still did her thing.

Kelly sizzled like bacon. She had my full attention throughout the whole performance. I honestly didn't know Kelly still had it in her to own a performance how she did here. Great stuff.

I'm officially loving this song right now. It sounds like the half a dozen club tracks I roll my eyes at when the DJ spins them on my nights out, but I'm still digging the song. There's no reason why this song won't do well on the charts with a good video and some decent promotion.


  1. This should be great live since she can actually sing. I like it ^_^

  2. OMG I love this song so much and Kelly was looking hot but why was she miming? lol
    p.s how annoying is David Guetta hes such an attention whore lol :P

  3. I really like the song. It wouldn't been nice if she would have actually sung the song though. It's not like she can't.

  4. There's actually several vids of her performing it live (as in singing) floating around. She does great, of course.


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