Kelly's "Shake them haters off" to be a single

Kelly Rowland 'Shake them haters off single' cover | created by J ;P
Kelly Rowland's "Shake them haters off" is set to be released alongside "Commander". I like the song. I really like it, and even went as far to say I think Kelly should shoot a video for the song for the sheer sake of it. But for it to be a fully fledged single? I'm not so sure.

"Commander" is strong enough to do big things on its own. But rolling with "Shake them haters off" (as much as it dilutes the impact of "Commander") might pay off. Going with this approach covers all bases. Even though I think "Shake them haters off" is more an album cut that lead single material. Kelly's got two singles with Summer smash potential whatever happens.


  1. LMFAO @ your cover!!!! boy, i had a good 10 minute laugh off that! this is why i love your blog, you can't get outright humor like that anywhere online!

  2. HAHAH! I saw Beyonce's face where "Haters" should be and died!


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