Kumi Koda's official Gossip candy single art (and info...)

Kumi Koda - Gosssip candy [CD] | Single art Kumi Koda - Gosssip candy [CD + DVD] | Single art

My number 1 J-Pop ho Kumi Koda is back on the scene with a new single due on July 7. Avex Trax must be cracking them whips. First Ayumi, now Kumi!

As has become a trend for Kumi during the spring and summer seasons, she will be releasing a disc with multiple singles (much like 4 hot wave and 3 splash). Gossip candy will feature 5 songs, one of which is pretty much the same song sung in different keys: so really it's only 4 songs. Gossip candy will also feature Kumi's cover of Cheryl Lynn's "Got to be real" which featured in her cute Pepsi nex commercial. You can listen to snippets of the songs over at Kumi's official website.

Kumi Koda rolls out the releases more stone cold than Ayumi Hamasaki does. So chances are we'll get two double-A sides, a new studio album, a Driving hit's 3 and another Best album by the end of the year. Like I said before: chicks in Japan and Korea be making US bitches look LAZY as hell.

Kumi Koda loves any excuse to shoot a video and she'll be shooting three for Gossip candy. We may get a forth at the last minute if Kumi finds some new nails and a couple of new weaves to rock.


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