Kumi rocks expensive in Ginger

Kumi Koda in the June '10 issue of GINGER | scanned by tao-book.com
She looks nice. I can't tell whether that hair on Kumi's head is real or not; which means her stylist did a good ass job with it. Kumi's wigs and weaves have been iffy over the past couple of years. More iffy than Beyoncé's.

It always makes me shake my head when chicks with Anglo style hair end up with f**ked up weaves and wigs, when their shit is so much easier to mix and style with fake hair than black folk. Britney has been letting the white chick side down in a BIG way. Even though she's off the crazy train (for now) she still hits the street with ragged ass weaves that look like they've been styled with rakes.

Kumi Koda's clothes in this shoot come to a total of around £2,500 (roughly $3,500) in case anybody was wondering (Though I doubt anybody was). My 2 week holiday in Japan didn't even cost that much; and that's including accommodation in 3 different places, my rail passes and my spending money.


  1. LMAO/ROFL/PMSL/LOL at the Britney comment X_X
    oh my god why can't somebody just pin her down for a couple of hours and get that weave delt with?!? do her and Lindsay Lohan do each others hair or something? smh
    tbh I don't realy like Kumi with short hair I prefer it long and those clothes arnt even that nice! boring, SLUT IT UP GIRL! -_- lol


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