Kylie arsed out on the set of "All the lovers"

Kylie arsed out on the set of 'All the lovers'
Kylie arsed out on the set of 'All the lovers' Kylie arsed out on the set of 'All the lovers'

I did request that Kylie looked a sex pot in this music video, and it would seem she heard me (and the millions of other fans) judging from these pictures. As good as Kylie looks, I'm not sure why I decided to post 3 pictures all of which show the same thing from 3 different angles.

With Joseph Kahn on the case for this music video, you can bet there'll be some special effects to make the flash interracial touchy feely and groping in broad daylight look even better.

Kylie looks great as always. Miley Cyrus will probably be pictured out and about on the streets with her girlies wearing what Kylie's wearing in these pictures.


  1. FUTURESTARdelux12 May 2010 at 18:40

    ok I have to get something off my chest before i continue, Kylie NEEDS to ditch the botox, it doesn't make her look younger it makes her look older and look how great her sister Danni looks now she stopped using it! O_O
    But having said that she does look WAY hot (not that she wouldn't lol) that outfit is cool, especially the shoes and her hair (and ass!) looks great ^_^
    These photoes are reminding me of her video for "Slow" which was awsome so i'm expecting great things.
    i heard a 1min30sec clip of the song and it sounds like the best she's made in a long time and considering all her songs are great that's saying something lol ^_^

  2. Kylie's facial skin looks tightened because she's actually taking steriod treatments because of the breast cancer she had years ago. It causes the skin to tighten up.

    You know cancer, it's the biggest bitch in the world.


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