Kylie shoots "All the lovers" music video with Joseph Kahn

Joseph wants leg | by Random J ;P
Kylie's lead single "All the lovers" from her Aphrodite album will be hitting radio on June 12 [J: correction, May 14: Thanks aifolposes], and the music video is under way. The video will be directed by Joseph Kahn, which marks the first time Kylie and Joseph have worked ever together. Kylie seems to be making a thing out of working with US video directors, having worked with Melina (Ciara's "Go girl", Rihanna's "Rude boy") for her "In your arms" video

Joseph Kahn's videography includes Janet Jackson's "So excited", Britney Spears' "Toxic" and "Womanizer", BoA's "I did it for love" and Chris Brown's "Transform ya". So chances are the music video is going to feature a special effect or two. Kylie will of course look 7 shades of hot in the music video. I'm really going to need her to act a sex pot and throw it back to "Can't get you out of my head".


  1. she tweeted a pic from the set and she does look PRETTY HOT lol (i'd expect nothing less though lol).
    I can't wait to hear the song because the little teaser was intriguing.
    I just wish she'd ditch the Botox though it's doing her no favours at all, still a hot biyatch though <3 Kylie! ^_^

  2. Thanks for posting! So excited for the video. BTW, the song is premiering on BBC Radio 1 radio May 14th.


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