Madonna sluts up with a crucifix for Interview

Madonna in Interview magazine | Photgraphy: Marcus Piggott & Mert Alas Madonna in Interview magazine | Photgraphy: Marcus Piggott & Mert Alas
Madonna in Interview magazine | Photgraphy: Marcus Piggott & Mert Alas Madonna in Interview magazine | Photgraphy: Marcus Piggott & Mert Alas

I see Madonna was trying to come controversial with the crucifix and rile people up as always. Aguilera got gang molested in a church wearing a PVC mask last week. So Madonna needs to step her sex-church game up. If Madonna wants to shut this game down, she's going to have to make like The Exorcist and put that crucifix in an orifice below the waist.

Madonna looks great in these shots. Even if she has had her bony booty dragged through Adobe CS5. These absolutely shit all over those she did for Hard candy. I hated the shots she did for that album with a passion. Although they matched the quality of the music: weak.

You can read Madonna's interview and watch a video of her doing the shoot here. It's a really cool interview. It gives a great insight into Madonna: The human being that her music hasn't really done for the past decade.


  1. why can't she mess with the kabbalah symbol now that she's a former christian. dumb woman.

  2. @Anonymous Ma(n)donna would never mess with $ we all know this lol
    Seriously though the crucifix thing is so old now, it was just about passable on the reinvention tour now its just tired old shit (the crucifix thing not madonna lol).
    These pictures are pretty fierce but she looks like a madonna inpersonating drag queen and the photoshop is rediculous, she's starting to look like the bride of wildenstein....

  3. I can't even lie, that top left hand picture is 80s sex!

    But Madonna needs to stop fronting, she knows she doesn't look that good, lol.

  4. @ Junlee
    The top left is my favourite too. The crucifix ruins it though.

    @ FUTURESTARdelux
    The Photoshop doesn't make Madonna look like no bride of no Wildenstein. It makes her look good. REALLY good. The thing is, is that it makes her look near enough exactly as she did in the late 80's / early 90's - and everybody knows she don't look exactly like that any more. Look at the pictures! These could have been out-takes from "Justify my love". Every trace of her age has been Photoshopped away. I guess it's understandable. Nobody wants to see Madonna in her raw form.

  5. haha i didnt mean she looks like the bride of wildenstein in these photos (although the eyepatch one is a bit suspect although very cool and my favourite).
    In real life though her face looks puffy and stretched and she needs to stop working out so much and FFS LOSE THE CRUCIFIX lmao >_<
    I hope her next album is something innovative, it's like ever since she finnished with confessions shes been so desperate to remain relevant that she stopped innovating and became a follower.

  6. She looks great and all (photo shopped) but there's a point where you have to say, would'nt she look better with more clothes on? Just more classier, I don't know it's hard to explain. I mean do we really have to continue to see her practically naked? Is that the only statement she can make about herself? I'll stop, I'm starting to ramble ^_^

  7. Keep rambling Beruda. I encourage it. Shit, you know my blog already: I endorse it! *lol*

    I know what you mean. It's like Madonna either feels she has something to prove, or that she has to strip off and open her legs just for the shock value. Watching her dance flapped out makes me cringe. She always looks hotter clothed in her videos than when stripped off. She looked hotter in "Hung up" on the arcade machine than she did flapped out in the dance studio. She looked hotter walking around in her clothes in "4 minutes" than she did flapped out in front the countdown clock.

  8. I don't know, Madonna was dirty sexy for me back in the 90s. Namely in her "Take A Bow" video.


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