Mariah flashes her blinged out iPad in the studio

It's no secret that Mariah's recording a new studio album - something Jermaine has been putting on blast, and with Mariah's consent; seeing how she's happily appeared in several of his videos and Twittered about the sessions.

Check out the latest vid of the So So Def crew kicking it in the studio, and catch a look at Mariah's blinged out iPad.

Mariah's iPod Touch XXL is serious. It's bloody ugly. And from the looks of her main menu, she doesn't use the damn thing or know how to download Apps. But that iPod Touch XXL is serious.

Mariah's been kicking it in the studio quite a bit with Jermaine Dupri. And as you heard from MC herself, Johnta Austin is in the mix too. I'm looking forward to hearing the results.

These short videos of Mariah kickin' it in the studio is more promotion for her forthcoming album than Memoirs of an imperfect angel got. I hope all this clowning and good energy makes for some good music. Mariah can't have another album flop by Mariah's standards.


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