Mariah renews vows, and does it BIG

Mariah renews her wedding vows in a tight ass wedding dress
I love Miming Mimi. Honestly, I do. But she showed up at her renewed vow ceremony looking like a clubbed seal that's been draped in Vera Wang.

I loved how Mariah looked during E=MC² when she hit up Oprah. It was the best she'd looked since her Butterfly era. But as good as Mariah looks slim, she looks just as good with the weight on her. But the problem is that she still dresses as though she has that slim E=MC² body, when she clearly doesn't. Mariah isn't even that big. But by sqeezing her well fed booty into clothes that are too small, it makes her look a heffa.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon renew their wedding vows… @ Toya's world


  1. I'm hoping that one day she'll wake up and say I look like an idiot wearing cloths that are clearly not appropriate. She is a very attractive woman and your right she's not even overweight. If she wore cloths that fit she would look thinner actually.

  2. im on the verge of buying a ticket to LA kicking her door down and staging a military coup for controll of her wardrobe!!!! O_O
    seriously why cant anybody just tell her she looks a fool?! still love her though lol

  3. "why cant anybody just tell her she looks a fool?!"

    I'll tell her. Just get me within 10 metres of her.


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