M.I.A covers Nylon

M.I.A covers the June '10 issue of Nylon magazine
Well lookie here. M.I.A looks kinda hot! M.I.A can be really photgenic when she turns it on, and she certainly did for this magazine cover. It's a shame her album covers look like retro clip art messes which were knocked up in Microsoft Word, when she could slap a killer shot of herself on it instead: but this is part of what makes M.I.A, M.I.A.

M.I.A's single "XXXO" has been getting some heavy rotation at J's quarters. The song is bananas. I love it! It's my favourite M.I.A single since "Sunshowers". It's different for her, and has a sound which should really help it cut across different crowds. It's Pop, kinda Indie-ish, electro, with a bit of an urban kick. It's just everything!

M.I.A's forth studio album /\/\/\Y/\ or simply Maya is slated for a July release, and she's set to start making appearances at different shows and festivals to promote it. I was hoping she'd call the album Mathangi Arulpragasam. Make people try and ask for that shit in HMV.


  1. OMG when i first saw this i was like O_O she looks H.O.T :P
    I like her even more now she's calling Gaga out lol! btw did you know she's marries to a Billionaire? spend some $$$ on covers! lol


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