Miss Jackson drags her wagon to American idol

Janet Jackson performs a medley of 'Again', 'Nothing' and her classic hit 'Nasty' | Live performance
Miss Jackson (because I'm nasty) hauled her big ol' ghetto booty onto American idol to perform one line of "Again", the whole of "Nothing" and a bit of "Nasty". She looked amazing. Janet has had many points in her career where she's wowed with the looks. But she has not looked as good as she did here. Bitch gets hotter with age. I had to watch this shit twice in amazement. Janet damn near killed me.

I love the short hair. The shot of her rocking the short hair in Discipline's inlay was one of my faves. I think it says a lot about a woman when she can have her hair so short and still look sexy. It also puts out a nice message too. Especially to the younger black girls who watch their favourite stars on TV think they can only look sexy with straight hair running down their backs and floating around their shoulders. I'm going to have to request Janet takes a restraining order on weaves for a while. And the catsuit! Wow! Janet's got booty for days. You could rest a 12" deep pan pizza on that shit and it wouldn't wobble for a second. I know Ellen must have been thinking some thangs as she watched Janet doing her thing. Her and half the nation!


  1. I didn't know Janet had the ass quite like that. And she did look amazing, and quite sexy in her hot, vampirish, flowing dress...robe thing.

  2. OMG! She looks fabulous. Love her hair. She just looks great, very classy.


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