Monica's official "Love all over me" single art

Monica - Love all over me | Single art
I really do miss the days when single covers were conceptual and not just out takes from an album cover and inlay shoot. But Monica does look nice.

"Here I am" was set to be the second single from Still standing, but it looks like it'll be "Love all over me" instead. Monica seems to be going with the fans regarding Still standing's single releases. Fans called for "Everything to me" - it became a single. Fans called out "Love all over me" as their jam - it's now becoming a single. Any song off of Still standing would make a great single in my opinion. And "Love all over me" is my favourite song from the album. But I'm not sure how it will the song will do if it's released now, or in the next month. I can't help but think Monica should have gone with something a bit more summery. But commercial performance predictions aside; "Love all over me" is a great song. It's unanimously a favourite amongst everybody who has heard the album. And hopefully the music buying public will take it for what it is: a really, really good song.


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