Music video: Aural vampire - Shonan Zoku -Cannibal coast-

This video had me thinking somebody had slipped some LSD into my Ribena. Albino snakes, test tubes, some guy who looks like a member of Daft punk turned rapist, suspect hair extensions, funky lights and flying on the back of a robot vampire!? Messed up. But cool. This video crammed more watchable shit into the space of 4 minute's than Catherine Hardwicke put into the 2 hours Twilight. The song is straight 80's trash, I LOVE it. Reminded me alot of Tommy february6, who I've been waiting on to drop a new album for a good while now.

Aural vampire's debut Zoltank is released on May 5. This music video and song tripped me so good, that I think I might have to check it out.


  1. haha that was SO COOL!!! ^_^
    omg i love it, that video is really triptastic and the song is really good too! im gonna be listening to this for a while :P
    PLEASE post more from them when it comes out! :)


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