Music video: Beyoncé - Halo (alternative version)

Kelly Rowland has a new music video on the way. So of course we had to have a new edit of "Halo" mysteriously find its way online. You watch how I am...Sasha Fierce: The video collection soon gets announced for July on DVD and Blu-ray the same day as Kelly's "Commander" video hits VEVO. I don't blame Beyoncé though. It's probably her Daddy: Pimp mack Knowles. He's like The architect from The Matrix reloaded, only blacker and with a more limited vocabulary.

I hated the original video to "Halo", and this alternative shit is not much better. I'm all for music videos. I just wish Beyoncé's were better on the whole. And I'm still scratching my head as to why we had a video for "Why don't you love me", how many different videos for "Halo" and that "Video phone" crap - yet we still have no video for "Radio" and "Smash into you". Beyoncé needs to BB message Melina and get her to shoot some videos for those 2 songs right there, and make 'em hot.

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  1. yaaaaa umm...this is an alt version for a reason. HATED IT! the dark storyline part had no resolution at all. b driving in the forest, stopping by a call box, then finding her man dead(?) in the forest. naw...don't think so. the released version pretty much reflected the song - soft, romantic, light (although there was still no storyline). buttttt, whatever she does, she's still doesn't really get any better than that. :)

  2. Sorry but this version is WAAAAYYYY better than the original one (the CRAP ONE). i really dont get her (with her videos)
    That song could've been one THE biggest songs of a her carriere and yet, she did a BULL SHIT VIDEO for it...
    at least this one, i was seing differents scenes and it has a "story line" in it!
    She really gets on my nerves sometimes. her videos are realllyyyy crappy!!


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