Music video: Beyoncé - Why don't you love me

I couldn't stand this song on I am...Sasha Fierce. And this video doesn't do much more for the cause. This is a cool gift for the fans, but the video is whack. It was so boring to watch; even as fine as Beyoncé was looking in every scene and with all the booty shaking. The song matched with this video, it could easily be a song from Dreamgirls.

If Beyoncé was in the mood to shoot a video, she should have have shot one for "Radio". Lord knows why that was not released as a single back when. A video for the song probably could have had it chart with zero promotion. And, if any song on I am...Sasha Fierce was to guest feature Lady Gaga, be a big hit and please both Beyoncé and Lady Gaga on it, it was "Radio".


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