Music video: Chris Brown - No bullshit

When all else fails, sell some sex. Sing a brazen song about making a chick come, and then lick her booty in the music video. I guess Chris is out of ideas of how to get his career back on track.

Everything regarding "No bullshit" is a shame. The soft core tendencies of the music video will overshadow what is potentially a really good slow jam. And whilst I love the beat on the song; the lyrics were crap, and there are dudes in the game right now who could have done a much better job than Chris vocally. I would have loved to have heard Usher on this track. Or even better: Tank, who completely overshadowed Chris on Grafitti's "Take ur time" - to the point where I wonder who the hell's idea it was to even give Chris air time on the song in the first place and not let Tank do the whole thing.

Chris may have gave the blow to The Forehead's face, but she's been kicking his careers arse ever since that day it all popped off in the Lambo. Dude needs to forget crawling back to love, and go crawl to an employment office, or a PR firm that can do a Johnnie Cochran for a n***a and turn his shit around.


  1. Love the song :0

    wasnt expect that at all :O

    i think im gonna dowload that mixtape

  2. i REALLY like this song :P why is chris such a woman beater? so annoying... makes me wanna not like himn anymore but i still kinda do lol


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