Music video: f(x) - Nu ABO

This video was boring. From the preview you could tell this was going to be like "La cha ta"'s video. I liked "Nu ABO", but the song always felt one minute too long, and this video just made it drag even more. I'm not even sure I like the song any more because of how drawn out this video was.

The problem with this video was that it was wrong for the song. A song such as "Nu ABO" should have had more going on and less of a reliance on dance routines. "Nu ABO" is too slow to have a dance routine based video with only to set-up's, because there's not enough tempo to work a routine to the song that looks interesting for long.

I'm also going to have to ask whoever styled these girls to slow their role with the shoes. Did you see them heels Krystal (dark hair and blonde tips) was wearing!? They are too high and too fly for a 15 year old girl.


  1. The hair is wack in this vid. And I feel like I've seen those TVs at the beginning of the video in several others.


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