Music video: Girlicious - Maniac

I like this song. I really do. It has great hit potential. Girlicious are never going to blow up. Even in the wake of The Pussycat dolls falling to pieces. But their debut album was better than Doll domination and at least all 3 girls in the group get equal shine. I actually reviewed their debut album when it came out, but it has mysteriously been deleted. I won't bother writing another review of it. It wasn't so good an album to warrant that much effort from me. But I will advise you go check out the song "Save the world", because it was a really hot song.

Chrystina and Natalie best put in work. Because the weren't the strongest contenders to make Girlicious. They look great in videos. But vocally they're weak and their attitudes on the show were stank as hell. Perhaps it's why they got chosen. But I think them bitches should be helping Chris Brown pick up dirty pampers and trash on side walks for community service.

Speaking off community service: What the hell Natalie is still doing in the group!? Didn't she get arrested for being in possession of crack with her crack head boyfriend?


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