Music video: Go!Go!7188 - Mayakashi no sekai | まやかしの世界

Maybe it's because I've got K-On!!'s theme song permanently etched into my brain, or I was listening to Jet Set radio's soundtrack today: but I love this shit. It's such a nice change of pace for the popular J-game right now. A bunch of female J-Rockers thrashing their hair, playing instruments and wearing T-shirts and jeans. Gotta love it.

These monochromatic videos are popular in the J-Rock scene right about now. We've had loads of them as of late. But I liked this. It was freaky, fun and energetic. Made me wanna go put on a mime outfit, head bang, and then find some random crowd to dive into in the hopes they'll let me surf.

Go!Go!7188 have been in the game over 10 years now. Which goes to show that weaves, being arsed out, having mad press on nails and releasing singles and albums non stop is still a strong rule of thumb to being a successful female artist who regularly tops Oricon charts in Japan. Although, Go!Go!7188 being able to stay in the game for a decade and be 8 albums deep says alot.

Go!Go!7188's eighth studio album Go!!GO!GO!Go!! will release on June 2.