Music video: Mizca - Dameyo ♥ | ダメよ♥

The auto-tune and vocoding on this song is serious. Pitch gets thrown around in this shit like baseball. Even by Perfume's standards (who set the bench mark in Japan for auto-tune) this is pretty auto-tune and effect heavy.

Mizca didn't even manage to add some personability to the track with the video, because she looked dead and fed up the whole time. But amongst it all, I still favourited this video and found myself rocking my head to the song. It's nice for the summer. And even though Mizca could do with being fed a couple bowls of ramen and a chicken katsu curry; she does rock the mini skirt and knee high socks rather nicely.

The whole haptics thing seems to be popular in J-Pop videos now. With Iconiq doin' it for "I'm lovin' you" and Ayumi going on iPhone touchy with "Microphone".


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