Music video: OneRepublic - Secrets (version 3)

Despite the song having 3 videos and having been released as a lead single in Germany over 6 months ago - OneRepublic's "Secrets" is set to be a worldwide single due for release this year. Sorry fellas. Too little too late. This should have been a worldwide single back in 2009. Nobody is trying to hear this "Halo", "Already gone", "Happy" knock-off now. If Interscope were that insistent on making the song a worldwide single, they could have at least double A-sided it with a different song.


  1. And it doesn't help that this video is crap. I like this song, but I agree, this should have been release a looooong time ago.

  2. I can't believe they have the cheek to even release this now. They couldn't even double A-side it with another song.


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