Music video: Professor Green featuring Lily Allen - Just be good to Green

Welsh born Lily lover Luke pointed me in the direction of this. And sorry to say buddy, but me no likey. I think Professor green ruined a classic. A classic you may ask?

For those who don't know: this song borrows the music and the hook of Beats international's 90's smash hit "Dub be good to me", which in turn was a cover of The S.O.S band's 80's hit "Just be good to me" - both of which I loved when I was a kid and still dig to this day.

Lily Allen sounds great, and looks great in the video. A video which I think is pretty cool. Nice, clean and well edited. But I'm not feeling Professor Green's raps on the song. If anything Lily needs to head back into the studio and record the whole song herself, because her voice suits the music to an absolute tee! I think if an MC or rapper was to jump on this song, that the likes of Dizzee Rascal would have done better things with it.


  1. name checked woohoo (XTina connotations are optional)seriously though when i was young(er) growing up in 90s Wales (lol) i did loooooove "Dub be good to me" seriously even if im in a club and they play a 90s tune i go crazy (last night for example).
    I do think Lily did a great job (and looked HOT) the only thing is why were her green shoes to big? #_# lol
    Proff is "ok" but yeah Dizzie woulda been way better, a collab between Dizze & Lily would be AWSOME! ^_^

  2. The last Dizzee and Lily collabo for Dizzee's Maths & English album was crap. But if Dizzee had been on THIS song, it could have only been a good thing.


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