Music video: Ratatat - Party with children

I actually sat and watched this whole entire video. I wasn't entirety deprived, as I at least got to hear some wicked music the whole time.

I hate birds. I just wish for every single one to get beaten with a stick. Pigeons seem to like f**king up the start of every day for me daily. If they're not shitting on my doorstep and trying to build nests right outside my house, then they're shitting on my car. Pigeons have ruined it for every bird out there. I hate them all.

Ratatat got caught my attention in a big way with Kid Cudi's debut ("Alive" was my jam) so I'm looking forward to hearing more from them.

This 'bird watching' isn't the final music video for the song. Although I kinda wish it was. It's so random and unorthodox, that it works.


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