Music video: Rihanna - Te amo

This video was pretty much what it needed to be, and I liked it. Even though it could have been better. Yes, better. Despite the girl on girl goings on's. The outdoor garden scene broke up the video, and not in a good way. And Anthony Mandler's signature style and editing was a bit disruptive at times. But the video was still decent. I could have done with The Forehead putting down some slow whines. But that's just me and my fixation with the "Rude boy" video at the revelation that The Forehead can work a waist, and work it rather nicely.


  1. Ok i like the song but what was that? I could be a more convincing Lesbian that Riri lol
    Sh shoulda got Lindsay Lohan onboard as a "creative consultant" lmao


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