Music video: Super Junior - Bonamana

The main purpose of this video for me was so I could tell who was singing what. Because "Bonamana" has Super Junior's vocals so auto-tuned and effected that I couldn't tell by just listening to it. I wasn't even able to make out Kyuhyun or Yesung's voices, and their vocals are usually distinct on Super Junior's songs.

"Bonamana" is just full of comparisons to the point where I can't even enjoy the song or the video on their own merits (of which there are too few). "Bonamana" sounds a cross between SHINee's "Ring ding dong", 2NE1's "Fire" and Pitbull's "I know you want me (Calle ocho)". And the video looks like "Sorry, sorry" with added colour and better dancing. The song and video are both good. But everything about "Bonamana" seems so chronically re-hashed.


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