Music video: The wonder girls - 2 different tears (English version)

JYP just couldn't pass on the chance to wear yellow eye shadow could he?

"2 different tears" sounds like a remix of "Tell me". But I'm not surprised. We know how JYP likes to do his bit for the musical environment and recycle like mad. It's a cool song though, so I'll let him off. And we all know that "Tell me" was on some crack, and continues to be. "2 different tears" is catchy, the 80's bounce commands you work a shoulder and Ye-eun's English singing voice is pretty fly! Ever since the group forayed into the US market, you'd swear she was the new leader of the group and not Sunye.


  1. oh goodness! the throwback 70s and 80s feel in this is rockin! it's so catchy and i love it! the girls look great and the choreography is so good! i don't get why they're not more popular here in the states - we love us catchy sugary pop! i felt like kylie could have killed this but the wondergirls did great. and that was a good look to feature bobby lee from mad tv!

  2. They're not releasing this in here in the States, are they? We like our women to be strong, fierce, and whores. The little girl cutesy act just does not fly. Even Disney starts are starting to skank out so that they can reach a broader audience.
    Bubblegum pop went out when Britney matured.

  3. @Meee
    The girls COULD manage to get away with this if JYP plays his cards right. Because the song is catchy enough to stick (I'm converted: it's downright hot!) and the video is cute, funny and decent enough to attract potential fans.

    But JYP needs to come better than having these girls open for Jordin Sparks and The Jonas brothers. Having Wonder girls open for Disney affiliated acts and spam "Nobody" like its the only song they have isn't doing much to reach their target audience or broaden their fan base.

  4. i see where you're coming from Meee but dare i say...justin bieber anyone? the mania that's ensued over that terrible song "baby" and even wacker "eenie meenie" shows that america loves them some sugary pop. maybe not mainstream, but there's a teenage audience for it!


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