Music video: Xiah Junsu - Intoxication

The only Tohoshinki / TVXQ song that I liked enough to bump in the whip was "Survivor" from their Secret code album. I've not had much love for anything else they've done. But I'm liking what Xiah Junsu's delivered with his solo effort. It's a nice song. Way dirtier than I thought he would come with for a solo joint. Within the first minute he's all about "fingers" being "deep inside". The guy knows what he wants. Korea would not let him release a song like this over there ever! TV networks would be e-mailing requests that the lyrics be changed. Just look at what happened with TVXQ's "Mirotic".

"Intoxication"'s was cool. But Xiah looked bronzed to hell. So much so that he barely looked like himself. But I did like the dancing. Xiah never seems to ever take it there with the dance steps in music videos, even though he's a bad ass dancer. Unless you'd seen him on variety shows and the like, you would never know the dude can move based solely on TVXQs music videos.