Ne-Yo's official "Beautiful monster" single art

Ne-Yo - Beautiful monster | Single art
I'm not feeling this cover. And it's not because it's a close up of Ne-Yo's face. It's just the whole thing looks whack. I'm rather looking forward to him dropping a new album though. More so now because things have been so quiet on the Ne-Yo front. His debut album was the shit. And even though he fell off with Because of you, he brought it back some with Year of the gentleman. I still bump "Miss independent" like it's new, and spin "Back to what you know" for my Ne-Yo doing MJ fix.

Ne-Yo's new single is set to premiere on June / July. We can probably guess what the song is going to be about. Some pretty ass woman who messes with his head and breaks his heart. Ne-Yo's a great song writer, but he's predictable. I'd love it if he curve balled with this song and came with something different though. I'll be watching this space.


  1. June 1st is supposedly the release date for this new single.

  2. J.....really now??? ne-yo? you cover good artists on your blog, and i look to you to keep me up on the new hot stuff here and abroad. i usually listen to whatev you recommend, but ne-yo?! no no hunny, no bueno... :( "closer" is the only jam i can tolerate, but this new joint betta be on point cause ne-yo's not usually on the hot tip...

  3. @ Bryan
    *LOL!!!* I like Ne-Yo. He has talent. It's just a shame he squanders it on crap songs most of the time. I love his debut album. And the merits of his debut album is what keeps me looking out for what he does. He needs to start switching up his shit though. Because song writing talents and credentials aside; unless he comes different, people will lose interest.

    @ Anonymous
    D'ya know, that never even twigged with me. Good eye! :)


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