Nicki Minaj's official "Your love" single art

Nicki Minaj - Your love | Single art
What a boring ass single cover. No titties, no booty, no Barbie chain and no pink weave. It matches the boring ass song nicely. So I guess in that regard it's the perfect cover.

You may not have known given how badly the song flopped, but Nicki Minaj actually had a lead single out by the name of "Massive attack". I liked it, but nobody else did. So this safe as padlocks "Your love" is set to be a single and make like "Massive attack" didn't exist.


  1. Don't worry. You're not alone. I loved Massive Attack and think that Your Love is kinda boring as shit. And I need the pink weave. I NEED IT.

    I just hope that Nicki Minaj can actually succeed in this market, because she's really the only rapper I like.

  2. yes yes YES! massive attack was on point yo! it went so hard - you could do sooooo much to it in the club. i thought her verses were so clever and fitting for her crazy outrageous style, i couldn't get enough. i'll be buying the album when it's out - i'm a fan!

  3. I liked massive attack, I dont really like Nicki though she got mad EGO and she hasn't even had a hit lmao

    in other news Lil Kim has signed to Rock Nation and Jay Z is producing her new album so... bye nicki lol

  4. Well, I don't know... Jay-Z didn't do much for Foxy Brown when she was in his care. And last I heard, Amil was working at K-Mart.


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