The Forehead's official "Te amo" single art

Official single art: The Forehead - Te amo
What is this bullshit!? I miss the days when single cover arts had effort put in to them, and they weren't just saturated images from the album inlay. There are also much better inlay shots that could have been picked over this Road runner hair, Beyoncé "Diva" mannequin'd bullshit that got picked. I think my single cover was much better.

I like "Te amo". It's a nice song with a quirky subject matter. And if you're all up on someone in the club things is going to happen when this song drops. But I really would have preferred "Rockstar 101" as an international single. I don't see why they couldn't have both been put on a double A-side.

It seems Def Jam are trying to push that old island girl Forehead instead of the overtly dark and edgy one which emerged for Rated R. Especially in light of the mammoth success of "Rude boy". From the second Rated R dropped, "Rude boy" was the best song on the album by far. I liked other songs. "Hard", "Photographs" and "Cold case love" all got love from me. But "Rude boy" was always the stand out song that was destined to be the biggest hit off the album.


  1. You need to check out Lambert's single cover for "If I Had You". It's not from the album inlay, which is nice, but it reeks of MJ and Elvis! lol


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