On the set of Katy Perry's "California gurls"

On the set of Kary Perry's 'California gurls' | PhotoOn the set of Kary Perry's 'California gurls' | Photo
I won't mention Lady Gaga at the sight of the chicks' hair (Whoops, I just did!)

Only Snoop Dogg could pull off being suited in jelly beans. Had this shot had been taken in 1994 you could probably bet your Mother's car that the white sand on the floor was a shipment of crack.

I think Snoop has fallen off in a big way over the past few years. His raps are weak, his hair isn't looking as fly as it used to be, and he is as gangsta as Betty White and The Golden girls. But he's levelled up with this jelly bean pimp look. Although I do have to ask myself if appearing in a Katy Perry music video dressed in a suit printed with jelly beans is really a step up... Aww f**k it, we'll let him off on this one. Snoop Dogg level up!!! Cue me a sound effect.


  1. Hey! Betty White is plenty gangstah, thank you very much o.O

  2. [rolls eyes] Sure she is. She holds down every coast. *lol*

  3. Snoop's that Jelly Belly pimp! XD

  4. She doesn't even look like Katy Perry lmao...
    I was listening to the radio earlier though and Callifornia girls came on, I was boppin allong to it (even though I thought it was Ke$ha's "your love is my drug" first lmao).
    Snoop got his pimp gear out again *cheers* I like Snoop a lot, he's just really cool but I do agree that his music has deteriorated over the past few years.
    p.s Just wondering because Lily Allen is gonna be doing stuff with Jay Z later in the year is Katy gonna be pissed at getting overshaddowed again? :P haha

  5. That's not Katy Perry. It's a back-up dancer. *lol*


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