P!nk graces the cover of Cosmopolitan

P!nk covers June's '10 issue of Cosmopolitan
I forgot all about this bitch! There hasn't been much word of what P!nk's up to where a new album is concerned, but I'm sure one will come when we least expect it. P!nk's lead singles always come out of the blue when you've forgotten about her for a hot minute.

I wasn't big on Funhouse, but I played joints off of I'm not dead to death! I'm still pissed that "Leave me alone (I'm lonely)", "Cuz I can" and "Centrefold" weren't made singles. Occasionally I'll play tracks from Can't take me home too. That was such a hot album. I loved when P!nk did R&B, and the selfish part of me wishes she'd appease me for just one song. Just one killer Pop / R&B joint P!nk. That's all I want.


  1. Damn, she let the girls out to play.

  2. yeah! pink is amazing i love her (never met anybody that didnt lol).
    I really liked her early stuff like "you make me sick" too and it would be cool if she did a new R&B type song and maybe she will.
    I got a feeling she's gonna release a greatest hits collection before a new studio album because she's had 5 big albums and by now and a greatest hits from her is guaranteed to sell big.

  3. I don't think RnB is really who she is though. She said as much in a Behind the Music piece on her.

    And I knew two people in college who hated on P!nk like nobody's business, but they really never gave a reason why. It was kind of stupid actually, because I think one of them secretly liked "So What" when it came out. I could see it in his eyes whenever it came on the radio, lol!

  4. @ Frederick
    Whadd'ya mean? P!nk has always liked having the titties out since day one! *lol*

  5. haha! I guess I was too young to notice at day one. Either that or they just *stand out* on the cover of Cosmo.


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