Rain grinds it out to "Hip song"

Live performance: Live performance: Rain grinds it out to 'Hip song'
Rain hit the stage wearing what I can only describe as kinky boxing left overs from Christina Aguilera's second slut fest. Surprisingly he didn't strip off, but he worked those hips again. Rain can whine. Don't think for a second he won't put The Forehead's efforts in that "Rude boy" video to shame.

Rain's choice of clothing and make-up has been seriously questionable since leaving JYP. But when the clothes are on a time limit to come off anyway, you've got a body like his, and it's raining p***y; it gives you a pass to wear what the hell you like.

I couldn't stand the song. Most of Korea's urban joints all knock the same. But the performance was good. It was cool seeing Rain dance to something with a faster tempo. "Love song" was getting old fast.


  1. He was so cute in Full House. He's still cute but what the sam hill is going on with those eye lashes?

  2. Full house had me hooked like crack! As with most Korean drama's, it went on for too long. But it was enjoyable. And Rain and Song Hye Kyo had great chemistry.

    Sang Doo! Let's go to school was good too. It showed off Rain's silly comedic side. But towards the end, it just got too depressing for me. And then just when I thought shit couldn't get worse: there was that ending. *shakes head*

  3. hmm yeah whats up with those creepy bottom lash things?!? lmao remember that doll off rugrats that had hardly any hair? they remind me of that lol.
    The songs wasn't all that good at all and i didnt think his dancing was up to his usual standard either but your right he can whine lol
    in fact he'd grind rihanna into the dirt forehead first O_O

  4. "remember that doll off rugrats that had hardly any hair? they remind me of that lol"

    *remembers the Rugrats...*

    Oh shit, Cynthia!! *LMAO!!!*

  5. omg i know haha i bin thinkin that since i first saw him with them :P
    ah man rugrats were so cool and the wild thornberries lmao


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